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Лазерное удаление волос


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  1. В Корее 2 часа ночи ,субтитры будут завтра утром по корейскому времени. Но главную суть видео (сравнение до и после) вы сможете увидеть даже так😊

  2. Меня тоже раздражают эти ушки, они смотрятся как отдельный шмоток жира на бёдрах. Из-за низкого роста они мне укорачивают ноги и я выгляжу как гном. В целом мне понравился результат операции, жопа то все равно при тебе осталась.

  3. It really broke my heart when she said that her hips before looked ugly. Idk, I'm having mixed emotions. She's been brainwashed into believing that her natural body is unattractive, which is completely false. I really hope she got professional help afterwards. Her self esteem is extremely low at this point, which is what caused her to do what she did. Ladies, love & accept yourselves just the way you are. & If you're ever gonna do anything to hanger your physical appearance, make sure you're doing it for yourself only & for all the right reasons. Much love to you all. Be safe. ❤️

  4. I feel so sad watching Sasha's videos about her Liposuction surgery………I'm happy for her becuz she's happy with the outcome but at the same time I feel so hurt becuz it rlly shows how toxic and rude people can be….no one should ever feel ashamed of their body….everyone's body is unique in their own way,just like how beauty standards can be different for everyone. It doesn't matter if some ppl don't know how to appreciate your beauty,becuz someone else in this world will. To anyone out there who's considering of changing your body just because other ppl are blind to see your beauty, pls don't. We shouldn't change for others,instead we should change for ourselves.

  5. I don't know why everyone saying this is Korean standard. It's "Modeling" standard. Watch the models in some European fashion shows. Barbie was NOT made in Korea.

  6. She was pretty before but the thing is according to korean beauty standard it needs to be straight.
    That's bad like it's not actually right.
    They need to fix this kinda mindset.
    Why don't people understand like human female body is made like that see the structure guys.

  7. with these 2 videos i felt like 'if i go to korea and one single person tell me my ass is agly or too big i will just punch their face and tell them that's bodyshaming and there's nothing wrong with my body' I mean, They have the problem in their head. I hace curves! im not fat. Im just what i am. There's a law that punishes thos who violates you physical integrity. Which means, althpugh they dont kill you BUT they change ANYTHING in your body without your consent, its illegal.
    Bodyshaming… SO BAD.
    People you have to love you, love your body and STAND HEALTHY!

  8. I'm really happy for you and that you did this to feel better 🙂 fuck everyone's opinion, main thing is that you're happy. And it actually looks really pretty, not that it didn't before, but it now looks super cute too! Congrats!

  9. the hour glass look is the beauty standard in my county and hearing her call it ugly and get a surgery to get the wall look just bewilders me👀

  10. Я не поверила что после оперции все было так легко . Столько жира выкачали а вес не показали. Девочка должна весить около 40 кг перебор

  11. It actually really hurt me to see a girl change herself for the judgmental society who won't ever satisfy anyway…. you were , you are and always will be beautiful Sasha those fake beauties are aftermath of surgery but you are real I hoped you didn't had to under go surgery in order to be in some fake beauty standards
    @International Couple
    your biggest fan from Pakistan

  12. When you choose the model path, your body become your tools for work. It's normal to sharpen and modify it, even if i will say you don't need any if you are bless to a normal life. So strange to see you guys in early videos. You changes so much,even on how you two speaks

  13. Никогда бы не подумала, что ушки в бёдрах считается некрасивым. Если честно, я даже расстраивалась, что у меня этот часть тела отсутствует. Но теперь не знаю, радоваться или плакать😂

  14. Honestly speaking I like your body before the surgery….
    after surgery your legs look like broomstick …
    But it's okk cz at the end of the day you're happy and you're happiness is main matter…. Soo stay healthy, happy and safe….
    But Just I want to tell you few things..the thinking of other countries in the world is not as ridiculous as that of the Korean peoples and their pathetic meaningless beauty standards… So don't hate yourself or try to changing yourself if they call your figure worst…

  15. Everyone in comments hating Korea and saying ‘I prefer curves’ doesn’t realise they are just brainwashed by another beauty standard. Funny. (Also it’s pretty obvious she’s paid for promoting this surgery so who’s the victim anyway?)

  16. I have hip dips and I am working my ass off to gain hips. I wish to have your hips (before the surgery) 😭. I mean, it's better to have hips than to have NO hips at all.
    But I understand that you're happy, and I also understand why kpop girl idols get depressed when they gain just a little bit of fat because body shaming is like soooo reaaall in Korea. Like WTF?
    YOU'RE ALREADY BEAUTIFUL! IT'S NOT YOU WHO NEED SURGERY, IT'S THEM WHO HAVE TO HAVE BRAIN SURGERY. Lol, their minds are tiny. Body shaming people like that 😤

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