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Домой Дерматология Wayne Goss SLEEPING IN SUNSCREEN? My response | Dr Dray

Wayne Goss SLEEPING IN SUNSCREEN? My response | Dr Dray

Dermatologist Dr Dray reacts to Wayne Goss wearing sunscreen to bed in his night time skin care routine. Should we be sleeping in sunscreen? In today’s video I respond to your comments about wearing sunscreen at night. #skincare #dermatologist #drdray

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  1. Like how you quote the statistics and looking at the procedures from a scientific perspective. It's absurd to me when I was watching it… The only time I did it was because I'm sleeping at 5am in the morning and I'll be waking up in the afternoon. Even with the curtains drawn, I'm sure I'll get UVs. That's the reason why I wear sunscreen before bed. But for him, I can't agree with him. It's unnecessary.

  2. I’m sorry but he thinks he’s the end all be all when it comes to skin and makeup. Sorry but he always rubbed me that way. 😬

  3. I don’t know why people shower in the morning and not at night. You work all day. Why not shower and clean yourself before going to bed. Nasty!

  4. I use sunscreen because I have to but I hate it, I hate how it’s consistency feels on my face. I also feel like it causes mini breakouts for me. I couldn’t imagine sleeping in it.

  5. Okay im really confused about blue light.
    On one hand, I hear that visible light such as blue light (mostly from the sun, but also slightly from devices) can cause skin damage and that mineral sunscreens that contain iron oxides would offer protection from that. (Interestingly, blue light has also had a bad reputation for sight and many glasses offer blue light blocking lenses)

    On the other hand, I hear that light therapy is beneficial for skin and there are many devices that have recently become popular for shining blue, red, or purple (led?) lights on the skin — each claiming to offer a different benefit for the skin (ie. Acne, wrinkles etc)

    Can anyone offer some clarity on this discrepancy?

  6. I keep reading “just use curtains”. NO WAY am I blocking my windows to live in darkness during summer in Sweden! We have short winters (4hrs sun) and long summers (4 hrs dark) so we look forward to the sun and the light. The UK is the same so I understand why he would use Sunscreen this way.

  7. I understand that he doesn't like to shower in the morning. But you don't wash your face and brush your teeth when you wake up? Just wash your face and apply SPF

  8. Can you do a video on direct to consumer companies that supply tretinoin? Is there any issue with them? I use Apostrophe and I wonder if it actually works or not. I worry about that sometimes. However, I live in a fairly rural area and it is difficult to get in to see a dermatologist. So…thoughts?

  9. How is it that sleeping in makeup is sooooo bad, but sleeping in sunscreen is fine? The line between makeup and sunscreen is blurry, I use tinted gel sunscreen — is that the bad makeup that I should wash off or a sunscreen that I should slather all over before bed? Call me crazy, but this obsession with sunscreen has gotten too far. Get out of bed and put it on before you'll go outside, you'll be fine.

  10. In my opinion it’s easier to put it on as soon as he wakes up and then do his morning skincare when he’s ready. But if it works for him that’s what matters

  11. I like an evening bath before bed. Before I got serious about skincare, I read an article written by a woman who said that sunscreen made the best moisturizer. She'd tried several brands of moisturizer and came to the conclusion that sunscreen was the best. I did that for a couple of years, but don't remember wearing it at night.

  12. I am baffled by the continued negative comments about this. I was disheartened by the comments on Wayne’s video, and I know some people wanted Dr. Dray to respond expecting she would do so negatively. And even after She responded positively and supported the positive things that he gets from it, people are still giving negative comments here. He’s not saying that everyone should do it, just that it works for him. I don’t get the negativity.

  13. it is absolutely disgusting not to shower in the evening. like how??? sleeping with dirty sweaty feet? what about your, you know 🙂 and armpits and….ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  14. But wouldn’t it clog pores? Or does this depend on the type of sunscreen, and skin type/condition, and of course if you cleanse before going to bed then reapply sunscreen, it wouldn’t matter right as all the dirt is gone anyway? I never cleanse in the morning, just a few splashes of water to wake me up, and get off anything like eye boogers etc. Then again I used to use an Este Lauder moisturizer which contains SPF 15 in the past, and I put it on at night as well as in the morning, so never mind😝🙈

  15. I don't sleep with my blinds open, I prefer the dark and do not like being awakened by sunlight. I do my dental routine, wash my face with water (Dr. Dray, "I'm not rolling around in the dirt.") then apply Alturist sunscreen to face and body (prefer nighttime showers too). That's my routine. Dr. Dray is always so kind when critiquing other Youtubers. I like Wayne Goss a lot but love Dr. Dray!

  16. I have to sleep with sunscreen because I work nights and sleep in the day and don’t have black out curtains so I catch sun in my face in my sleep

  17. I used to wear sunscreen before sleeping in my teenage years, because i thought it will clear my face and surprisingly it lightened my skin throughout the years, now my face is so lighter than the rest of my body luckily i stopped this habit in my twenties

  18. Wow, while I have already loved you, I ❤u more now! This was one of your finest of videos, the language is simple and straightforward to the consumer, especially those who are more clueless and in the dark about sunscreen care and benefits. I had seen Wayne's video already, and was instantly happy with his new found technique 4himself and as a retired Esthetician, told myself …hey..no harm no foul, glad u brought it all home with ur validation. I adore Wayne Goss,he's an OG in the makeup world, and has no problem at all with being honest about his successes and failures as well. He's warm,and so knowledgeable in makeup application technique, and now that he is taking steps to improve the most important thing of all" Skincare itself " is Fabulous..I would love to see more of these types of videos from you Dr.Dray..thank u 4 this one again
    ❤elanie…yup thats me melanie !

  19. I’ve been sleeping with a blue light on for years (I’m prone to nightmares without some light, I know, what a baby). How bad is that contributing to hyperpigmentation and increased melanoma risk? Should I wear sunscreen to bed? Is there a safer color of light to sleep in?

  20. Dr Dray could you please do a video on whether light boxes used for Seasonal Affective Disorder are bad for your skin and whether sun screen would protect me?

  21. I used to follow Wayne Goss back in the day, and learned a lot from him, but one of the reasons why I stopped following him was because of things like this. He keeps trying to be 'ínnovative' (or acting like he's reinventing the wheel). A bit like gretchen in mean girls with 'fetch', but ultimately it only comes out as far-fetched tbh. How about just applying zinc oxide cream at night? Real question here.

  22. Now I'm GLAD I'm using a tinted sunscreen on my face! So glad you reviewed this video! I'm a fan of you both!

  23. I am really confused about the comments that you can't wait to clean your face from sunscreen and you can't sleep with it.I live inEurope and I really don't know what kind of sunscreens do you use and they cause you that bad feeling.

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