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Домой Дерматология Dermatologist's Dry, Sensitive Skin & Rosacea Morning Skincare Routine | Skincare Expert

Dermatologist's Dry, Sensitive Skin & Rosacea Morning Skincare Routine | Skincare Expert

This video is sponsored by Vichy. Shop Vichy LiftActiv Supreme H.A. Wrinkle Corrector here: Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sam Ellis is …


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  1. The Canmake sunscreen along with the Biore Aqua Essence and Athlizm are the best sunscreens ever made. I wanted to like and use more physical sunscreens but something about them irritate my skin…and I’ve tried them all.

  2. Hey! If I have combo skin and my oily parts are visibly oily do I only cleansing the oily areas in the morning

  3. Does HA not extract and hold on to the water in the actual skin itself..thus resulting slighty vicious circle causing?

  4. So useful as usual! I'm always wondering about spf on back of hands.. Lovely, but.. I wash my hands constantly especially now with covid. Some are waterproof but not sure how they can resist the soap and multiple washes. Reapplying would be a constant job through the day and crazy expensive considering how much you'd need..

  5. Interesting, most doctors are leaning to no HA, as it can be drying I believe, but since this is sponsored by Vichy I guess it makes sense?

  6. what is up with people who say they have rosacea but there isnt anything on their face…i have a real case of rosacea and it looks nothing like this.

  7. Can I see someone who has noticeable roseasa for once….my face is red, all day every day like I have a sunburn. There are circles around my eyes of what color my skin actually is. I never see anyone with bad skin talking about skincare and what we need…

  8. Sunscreen around the eyes. Nothing there? Why most of people don't put cosmetics on the back of their neck? They have their hair up sometimes, besides the hair isn't still, it exposes the skin tied or not.

  9. Thanks for a great video featuring Dr. Ellis. Just a note: it wasn't clear that this video is sponsored by Vichy until I scrolled down to look at the description.

  10. As someone with rosacea, I also really enjoy the canmake sunscreen. I don't enjoy using a hyaluronic acid — it tends to irritate my skin when I use in too many products. 😊 I would be very interested in trying the Skinceuticals serum…

  11. I have dehydrated skin and the Canmake sunscreen was horrible! It really enhanced the dry patches on my skin and I tried so many ways to make it work but it always looked for dry and horrible 😥

  12. Dear whoever is reading this, I wish there was a way for everyone to erase all sadness and stress and just replace it with happiness. Nothing in life is ever easy, but what's important is that YOU keep going!
    Youre worthy of love and happiness, never allow anyone to tell you otherwise! I wish all of you plenty of health and strenght during these tough times. You are loved, you are strong, you got this! Never forget that!
    Sending much Love over from Germany ♥️♥️

  13. After the Purito Sunscreen got discontinued, the Canmake Mermaid SPF has been the closest thing that i could find. i go through tubes of it so fast from applying and reapplying. i wish they would come out with a bigger tube.

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