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Домой Дерматология STOP using VITMIN E CAPSULES on the SKIN #Shorts

STOP using VITMIN E CAPSULES on the SKIN #Shorts

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  1. Vaseline's texture is overly thick & disgusting to me, personally, I can never bring myself to use that. And not everyone has the same skin reactions to Vit E, I've never had a problem, so unless prolonged use is the issue, I'm not sure why everyone keeps hating on it. If it works for you, it works for you.

    Vit E helped calm and heal a large area retinol reaction on my face a month ago. Everything else moisturizing stung like hell to put on, but breaking capsules on my face was the only thing that kept my skin calm and more importantly, pain free.

    Granted, I stayed inside for those 2 days but I came out the other side with no long-term flaky, purple/red chemical burn like I feared. Maybe any oil could have done that (no idea if that's the case, didn't try) but Vit E was thick enough to stay on my face and not melt off AND it didn't require me to RUB anything in because touching my face was excruciating. I literally broke a capsule, lightly patted a thick layer on and chilled at home and repeated twice a day until the worst had passed.

    I also find that Vit E really helps me with speeding up post-pimple mark healing, the skin on the marks sloughs off quicker than if I just left it to heal by itself, in fact when I just leave it to heal that's when I get long term purple marks that never seem to go away. But that's just my skin.

  2. I use vitamin E oil to remove my eye makeup and then wash my face with my cleanser. Is that okay? Or should I use Vaseline to remove my eye makeup?

  3. When I was younger, I used to open a vit e capsule and apply the oil to my face. It was sticky, thick and shiny, but afterwards my skin would look amazing — so smooth and glowy. Was great before a night out. I remembered that recently and looked into getting some vitamin e capsules and trying it again, but it seems hard to actually find good quality pure vitamin e oil capsules these days. Most of what's available is just wheat germ oil (in the UK anyway).

  4. I actually use this under my eyes, around 2 times a week, and I’ve noticed a reduction in my dark circles. Who knows maybe just a placebo effect but it works for me…

  5. I started using pure vitamin e oil for my atopic dermatitis after it was recommended by my doctor. Pure Vitamin E tocopherol acetate (excipient free) oil base. I’ve noticed significant improvement in redness, dryness and itching and overall skin barrier after 3-4 days of using the vitamin e oil. I use it for flares and in between flares I just moisturize. It has helped, I hope the risk of contact dermatitis is low. I appreciate if you share the studies in the description box. I really don’t get the same result with Vaseline (especially less itching&redness) Thank you 🤗

  6. Hi Dr. Dray, what can people with sunscreen allergy do? Over the last couple of years I've tried four different and quality brands sunscreens and each time my ace got red and itchy. I've had an especially bad reaction with La Roche Posay anthelios spf 50 although I use their other products with no problem. The worst part is that the redness starts not right after ı put the suncreen on but the next day and it lasts about a week. Please please help.

  7. A pharmacist just recommended that I should put vitamin e on my skin to help my scabs from a chemical burn 😭 Thank goodness you posted this! 😅

  8. It did wonders for by little sister who accidentally got her forehead split open. She’s an adult now and literally you can’t even see where the scar was. Her doctor recommended poking a vit e capsule and applying it daily.

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  10. What? Sometimes u make no sense, this works wonders, people even notice a change in my skin, ive had no issues with it. If u follow all ur advice u end up just using cerave and nothing else

  11. I started using Vaseline after your recommendation a long time ago with great results. Was told vitamin E was good and to a mix in a drop or 2 in my face cream for over a year prior to the Vaseline but didn’t see much difference. Vaseline is way more effective. Thank you Dr Dray. I really appreciate all of your videos. You have personally helped me through many things I’ve been dealing with the past few years! ❤️🙏👍

  12. I like that YT is now also allowing short clips. I don't have Instagram or TikTok, so it got to be very "annoying", feeling of being left out, and left behind. Love this! Thank you!

  13. Hydroquinone, a recommendation from Dr Dray, has been working really well for my pesky leg scar. I use the Ambi Fade Cream which does contain Vitamin E but also lactic acid, a chemical exfoliant that can also help even out skintone.

    For those that don't know, Hydroquinone is a pharmaceutical grade skin bleaching agent, and works really well at fading hyperpigmention. However it is very strong, use with caution. ⚠️ It can also be percribed by a doctor and you should speak with one before using it.

    Gotta be careful to only apply it to the scar or else it will lighten the area around it as well, which is counterproductive. And of course sunscreen.

    Ive had so many people recomend those Vit E capsules for my scars 🤦‍♀️. Thanks Dr Dray, for another awesome recommendation 😀👍

  14. I've put Vaseline just on my lips & it broke the skin around my lips out SO BAD 😳. Also, someone literally just brought me vitamin e oil today -_-

  15. well shoot, my mom used to rub vit E oil capsules onto my hands in winter when they were terribly chapped, that was 25+ years ago. Not saying she was right, just wasting vit E I guess.

  16. 😞I’ve s.d. for about 3yrs now… I’ve tried H&s, selsun, t/sal works well, topical steroid…desperate for it to go away, never had it before. Showed up during my college time(full time, plus work=stress) need something for it be gone. Gona try home rems.

  17. My aunt swears that daily Vit E oil x 6 months spared her a scar on the splitting gash in her 21yo forehead from a car accident. Why is that? Moisture & mechanical stimulation?

  18. hey dr dray could u talk about lavender oil for burns? healthline seems to say it's okay and my mom swears by it but something about it seems very off to me. would love to hear u on it!

  19. That's so interesting. We are taught in dental hygiene school that if you get Hydrogen Peroxide on a patients gums during in chair whitening (chemical burn) you should apply vit E from capsules after. Does it make any difference if it's applied to mucosa or gingiva?

  20. This is 100% true I had vitamin E oil applied to my face and I my goodness. My face got so bad!! I started breaking out really really bad & was also swollen puffy red cheeks.

  21. I have rosacea and before I understood that’s what was going I tried vit e oil at night and after a couple days my face was broken out like never before. Now when I start getting bumps I use proscea and then aquaphor on too. Works wonders in the winter too

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