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How To Look 20 Years Younger In JUST 28 Days | Chris Gibson

At 57 I have never looked or felt better and I am sharing a 4 week plan on how to look up to 20 years younger in just 28 days!

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  1. Hey all! I put together anti-aging plans for people all the time so I thought it was time to put one up on the channel so everyone can benefit. Let me know what your doing for your skin when it comes to anti-aging! ♥ NEW? Be sure to get your FREE Skin ID and perfect routine from me! http://bit.ly/2NL3kOt 😍

  2. It's not impossible to look young at 57! Do what Chris is doing! PERIOD! With a great healthy diet, and every step he shared, you absolutely CAN achieve the results, you MUST STAY CONSISTENT! You look amazing Chris, thanks for the steps. Easy peasy!

  3. “Sugar ages you.Although there are lots of factors that ruin our skin, sugar is probably one of the worst offenders for outright aging our face and body.”

  4. As a teen I always had EXTREMELY oily skin which I hated because I had pizza face 😔 but at 50 I now ♥️ my only skin because it has preserved my youthful glow and appearance. It also helps that I’m a kind hearted happy person and I truly believe that happy people age better 🥰😃

  5. Chris, you're hilarious! I like how you said, "People have been so kind in the comments about questioning my age." People, in general, are so kind these days, doesn't it seem? I believe you're 57. You just look at least 20 years or more younger, so that tells us you know what you're talking about. It was also funny when you told people if we're watching your channel, we better not be using bar soap. No bar soap here! Thank you for all your insight! You look amazing and we appreciate you helping us to do and be the same!

  6. Hi Chris, I started to use vit c serum but I noticed after even the first used, my skin skin looked like it was full of blackheads, as the serum collected in my pores, so stopped using it. Any advise as to why this happens? X

  7. Great advice. Also, cutting back alcohol. I love to drink but now I have only one drink once per week (shot of rye on ice is my favorite). I sleep better and sleep as you said is critical. Also, sugar, starchy foods, refined carbohydrates and refined oils wreak havoc on your skin. My 30 years of rosacea went away once I eliminated those types of foods. Eat carbs that are high in fiber 20-30 grams per meal. Too many carbs lead to insulin spikes which leads to inflammation, which is very aging. Eat plenty of protein and fats from whole food sources. Fast for 12 to 18 hours a day, and 3.5 to 4 hours between meals. Strength training and cardio are essential, but too much is as bad as too little. Your body will let you know if you've overdone it.

  8. Dr. Lianas Pauling (sp?) was right all along. Vit. C is king with respect to cellular health. To bad that very people believed what he was saying. He had the true and real scientific data to back him up.

  9. Take heed. He knows of what he speaks. 90% of aging is LIFESTYLE and self care. Only 10% is dependent on genetics. It's the triad: Diet/nutrition, a dedicated exercise plan and a good skincare regimen ALL THREE have to be done. It DOES make a difference.

  10. Thanks Chris.
    I discovered your channel a few weeks back, some great tips.
    I was blessed with a baby face so people are shocked when they discover my age. However, I found you because I feel the time is right to actually make a constructive effort now to maintain my skin as I approach a big milestone this year.

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