Вторник, 27 июля, 2021
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Домой Дерматология Behind the Scenes: Shark Week Day 2!

Behind the Scenes: Shark Week Day 2!

Hey Popaholics! I have a super special inside look at my experience filming Shark Week with Shark Expert Austin Gallagher. I’m taking you day by day giving you a sneak peek of what to expect, including some embarrassing moments, some fun facts, AND we answer the question: Do Sharks Get Pimples?!

Shark Week airs every night this week on Discovery Channel, I’ll be on Thursday night!!

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  1. Dr lee is such a gorgious women she is so amazingly beautiful. her personality is just amazing she is so funny and great to people ive ben in tears watching her channel she changes peoples lives and makes people just feel so confy her whole team is good folks .hope and pray she hits million subs

  2. OMG! I can’t believe that was you leaning over and stitching up a shark that was not happy at all! You’ve got some serious nerve, Dr. Lee!!! Good for you!

  3. Very Exciting Dr. Lee ❤!!! You look just as gorgeous coming out of the Ocean 💕!!! I wish I had the channel to watch the show. Upstate NY here 💕

  4. Dr Sandra Lee 海は楽しかったでしょう? いつも素晴らしい手術を されてる Sandra と違って 今日は特に とても可愛い 💕

  5. Oh please not another video of you complaining again. I’m so put off by being so negative you’re normally such a positive person I am hopeful that with time in hindsight you will be more positive about your whole adventure participating in shark week

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